NASA, Latin, and the Twenty-first Century

Perhaps Andrew’s foray into Latin will lead to his becoming an astronaut. Parents dream too.  A story from the BBC, via Father Z’s Blog:

melas chasma
Materia cana rerum stratarum in Melani Chasmate – or light-toned stratified materials in Melas Chasma (the image has been coloured)

Mars images to go on social media feeds in Latin

Pictures of the surface of Mars, taken from Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), are to be captioned in Latin on social media outlets as part of an outreach project.

The Latin captions will be published from 28 August on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

The photography project is known as HiRise (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) and has run since 2006.

The Latin translations are being done by 18 volunteers coordinated in the UK.

“We were inspired by the Pope’s Latin feed,” HiRise spokesman Ari Espinoza from the University of Arizona told the BBC.

The then Pope Benedict XVI sent his first tweet in the ancient language at the beginning of the year and also used Latin in his resignation speech.“Some of the science greats – [Johannes] Kepler, [Isaac] Newton wrote in Latin – this is a tie to the past but we’re looking at the future,” Mr Espinoza added.

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